• 191 - Ashley Boam

    Ashley Boam joined the UK Sprint Cars in 2007 and quickly got his hands on one of the major titles, the World Cup, and has continued to challenge for the silverware ever since. His latest Maxim chassis car with full Lucas Oil and LFB Motorsport backing was imported at the start of the 2013 season.

    UK Sprint Cars: 2011 British champion, 2010 Long Track Champion, 2009 Points Champion, 2007 World Cup Winner

    Other Racing Experience: BriSCA F1 Stock Cars, V8 Hot Stox

    Sponsors: LFB Motorsport, Lucas Oil, Whitworth Race Engines, Kevin Earl Signs, Stu Stretton Design & his wife Jane.

  • 96h - Harry Panton

    Driver profile coming soon.

  • 96j - Jack Panton

    Driver profile coming soon.

  • 95 - Roy Thompson

    Driver profile coming soon.

  • 69 - Duncan Panton

    Duncan started racing 'short ovals' at Arena Essex in 1988 in superstox, and continued until 2004, at various tracks, with a couple of years off in between for good behaviour. 
    He then moved away from the contact formula and in to the UK Sprint Cars for the 2004 season and has not looked back since. He immediately made his mark in this formula, winning races and championships in his first year, and the winning has continued to date. Duncan is always a front runner, and you can guarantee he will be flat out, and normally sideways.

    UK Sprint Cars: Joined the series in 2004,
    National points Championship: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012
    World Cup: 2004, 2005, 2009
    European Championship: 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
    English Championship: 2013
    Long track Championship: 2013
    British Championship: 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010
    Dirt Championship: 2012, 2013, 2014
    Outright Lap records: Warneton, Belgium and Lydden Hill Oval, Kent

    Other Racing Experience: Superstox

    Sponsors: Pantech Auto Technicians, Auto Cosmetix, Aspect Car Sales, Kears Speed Shop, American Racer Tires

  • 58 - Trevor Keir

    It does not get much more foreign than this! A South African driver Trevor Keir, in an American Sprint Car racing here in the UK, and putting on quite a show!
    The experienced racer and F1 Engineer is a newcomer to the UK Sprint Cars, but has already showcased some talent behind the wheel of his immaculately prepared number 58 car, and it will not be long until he has some silverware to show for it!
    Trevor says:   "Of all the racing I have been exposed to it has always been Sprint Cars that have fully captured my imagination. Seeing how the UK series has grown convinced me that the time was right to finally get my big butt into one and realise a dream. One of the other big considerations was I always loved both dirt and tarmac racing, so the UK series is unique and attractive for the fact that it runs on both surfaces- How great is that!"

    UK Sprint Cars:  Debut year in UK Sprint Cars

    Other Racing Experience:
    1990 - South African Flat Track Bike Racing,
    1992 - South African Rally,  
    1994-1997 - South African Single Seater,  
     2002 - 2013 -  UK Historic Circuit racing and Track Days.

    Sponsors: Always welcome!

  • 55 - Steve Stretton

    Steve has tried his hand at many different forms of motorsport having raced since 1976 when he turned up at Northampton Raceway to try out someones car in practice and unbeknown to him they had booked him in to race, and he has not stopped since - winning his fair share of silverware along the way. He always tries something different to beat the opposition, 'Racing against the inertia of previous ideas'.

    UK Sprint Cars: Raced in the series 2005 and 2006, returning for 2013 onwards. 2nd in British Championship & 3rd in National Points in 2005 & 3rd in European in 2006

    Other Racing Experience:
    1976 -82 raced F1 Stock cars
    1984- 90 raced Ascars
    1987 – 91 raced GT’s, winning Overall BRSCC GT Championship 1987.
    1997 -99 - National Autograss Class 10 - built and raced “The Beast” a well known front engined car in the sport.
    2000- 04 raced V8 Stock Cars winning National Championship 2000.
    2005 – 06 raced Sprint Cars 
    2007 -09 raced UK Oval Track Legends
    2009-2010 raced Karts
    2013 – Bought another Sprint Car

    Sponsors: Jenna 8 Events, Stu Stretton Design, Inside Stock Car World Magazine, LFB Motorsport, Lucas Oil and his wife Sue.

  • 11 - Ben White

    Ben started racing aged 10 in the junior formula Stoxkarts. His first major win was the points championship in the Street Stock formula, which he joined aged 19, along with a few other domestic championships, a 2nd place finish in the British Championship and qualified on the front row of the World of Shale Final at Mildenhall. Ben now joins his father Dean in the UK Sprint Car formula.

    UK Sprint Cars:Debut season to the formula in 2013
    Chalk Champion: 2013
    Long Track Champion: 2014
    English Champion: 2014

    Other Racing Experience: Stoxkarts, Street Stock (points champion)

    Sponsors: Just Small Cars of Windsor, Fastco Race Engines

  • 10 - Dean White

    Dean White born May 1964 From Slough, Berkshire. Owner of a car sales and repair garage in Windsor. Been racing since 1996. Raced Stock rods at Ringwood Raceway.Made it up to Superstar. Moved on to Group A Hot Rods in 2000 at Arena Essex . Purchased his first Sprint Car in 2002, won the Southern Championship  in 2003 before taking time out at the end of the 2004 season. Came back to Sprint Cars in 2009 and has come Runner up in every championship race in his time racing Sprint Cars. A good each-way bet but sill waiting to win a major.

    UK Sprint Cars: Raced between 2002 - 2004, returned to the formula in 2009
    Southern Champion 2003, 2013.

    Other Racing Experience: Stock Rods, Group A Hot Rods

    Sponsors: Just Small Cars of Windsor, Fastco Race Engines

  • 9 - Sammy Mileham

    Sammy has raced since the age of five, and grandson of UK Sprint Car driver Vince O'Connor has progressed into the formula for 2014 using a JEI chassis, and will be the youngest drive in the formula. Despite being the youngest driver, Sammy does not lack experience behind the wheel having raced in the Junior HotRod formula, and was runner up in the points championship three times and won the 2012 British Championship in the formula.

    UK Sprint Cars: 2014 debut season

    Other Racing Experience: Junior Hot Rods (British Champion 2012)

    Sponsors: Grandad (Vince O'Connor)

  • 6 - Vince O'Connor

    Founder of UK Sprint Cars in 1992, having raced previously in Stock cars at Haringey Stadium since 1970. Vince won the British Championship at Crayford Stadium in 1972, his first ever race win, and has continued to race uninterrupted up to the present day. After Stock cars, Vince moved to Hot Rods, then to Superstoxs, and then to Sprint Cars in 1992. Over the years Vince has won and lost most of the championships on offer in the series, but says the pleasure is not in the winning and that his ambition is to keep on enjoying his racing.
    Vince has at his disposal, a Maxim chassis car, a Travis Craft chassis car and a JEI chassis car.

    UK Sprint Cars:Founder of UK Sprint Cars and driver in the series since 1992. Won and Lost most of the championships on offer.

    Other Racing Experience: Stock Cars (1972 British Champion), Hot Rods & Superstox.

    Sponsors: American Racer Imports, NS Welding, Kears Speedshop of Ohio, David Steel Performance Parts of Florida.

  • 5 - Bob Tiller

    Bob Tiller, from West Drayton enjoyed motorsport from an early age, getting his speed fix on his wooden go-kart made by his dad, and to this day he loves any form of car racing (driving or watching). Married for nearly 32 years with three children, little Lily Tiller was one of the first mini sprint car drivers and like her dad was usually holding the rear up. Since buying a new chassis and putting the right bits around it, Bob has a much better race car to drive and his performance has improved (but still smokes a bit).

    UK Sprint Cars: Started racing in 2000, and has loved every race since. 

    Other Racing Experience: Stock Rods in the late 70's until 1981 when he left to live in Australia, where he first saw a sprint car race.

    Sponsors: None at present but still looking. But Bob does have a cheap mechcanic (Ray).

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